“Your Business Building Growth Team”
For Hire.

What do we do?

We Scale Revenue, Profit & Valuation For Your Business.
We “Future-Proof” it.

How do we do it?

We Deliver This By Leveraging Data, Technology
& Applied Human Intelligence.

In A Nutshell, We Achive Results For You By Engineering, Deploying & Optimizing High Performance, Scalable Customer Acquisition & Retention
Strategies Across All Viable Online & Offline Channels – Engaging Your Ideal, Highest Value Audience, To Predictably GROW & BUILD Your
Business. (yes, a mouthful… but that is it!)

Let’s Have A Reality Check?
There are only a few ways to grow & scale your revenues:

Constantly win NEW customers/clients by providing products/services with very high
“differentiated” value they want to buy vs. alternatives;
Constantly give your EXISTING customers / clients more value & reasons to:
a) buy your products/services MORE OFTEN [higher transaction frequency] & b) buy ADDITIONAL products/services each time [higher transaction amount];
Constantly catalyze & empower your EXISTING customers/clients to be your advocates & enroll
others as NEW customers/clients.
NOTE: If you come up with another way to grow & scale your revenue, please contact us and let us know.. If we add it here to the
list above, it’s a very good possibility that we’re on the same “page.” Our amazing team of brilliant minds create optimized,
calibrated, “mostly” automated, programmatic systems based on “individual” human behavioral data & AI (machine learning) to
identify the highest value audience for your business & engage them in their “journey” from prospect, to customer/client, to long
term loyalty, to your advocates
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Let’s Have Another Dose of A Reality Check?
Everything is CHANGING! Faster & Faster!
“Advertising” & “Marketing” online & offline that may have worked great a year ago – or even a few months ago – is not working as well anymore;
In the “internet” connected world, human attention and behavior are in constant flux – a moving, morphing target;
Mobile devices are where your revenue generating customers are increasingly focusing their attention;
Ongoing disruption in media and communication channels present powerful NEW ways to identify & reach more of your ideal audience.
99% of businesses are years behind in leveraging the rapidly changing rich NEW world of content distribution & communication channels – offline & online.
TEAM eigen[KOR] can deliver big, bold, daring ideas that leverage technology to: a) Effectively identify your ideal audience; b) Authentically connect with your ideal audience; c) Emotionally engage with your ideal audience & d) Inspire your ideal audience to take action and propel your business growth.
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