Google Business Profile (GMB) Optimization

(Formerly Named Google my Business - GMB)
Amplify, Magnify, Expand Your Business Presence & Exposure
With Google's Local Search Ecosystem - Including Google Business Profile

Rank at the top of Google with our premium
GMB Setup & Optimization Services

Unable to keep up with fast-changing online technology and do it right?
Concerned you are not taking full advantage of your potential online presence?
Struggling to attract more clients/customers while competitors are winning?

In each of these scenarios – and many others, effectively leveraging Google Local Search Tools may dramatically increase the exposure and visibility of your business to potential people looking for your type of business online in their local area.

Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) Optimization can put your business at the top of search engine results pages, generate more phone calls, and more inquiries and draw more people to your physical locations, all of which could increase sales.

And eigenKOR’s Google Business Profile Optimization Services can help you do just that. Contact us to win at local SEO!

GBP Optimization Gives You One of The Highest ROI for Long-Term Business Growth

Leverage Google’s Growing Local Search Ecosystem Skillfully to Win More Customers.

For local businesses, the race to the top of Google SERPs has long since gone.

Today, the focus is on getting into the coveted local three-pack, which Google displays above the search

results when users conduct localized searches for goods and services.

Google’s long-term strategy is to provide the right information that local searchers are seeking

Our Google Business Profile Optimizers are Specialists. We may be able to help you grow your local business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Formerly known as GMB (Google My Business) optimization – GBP (Google Business Profile optimizing is the process of constantly improving the performance of your GBP Listing (and all online tools offered by Google’s Ecosystem.

While many businesses claim their GMB listing, they tend to overlook the importance of optimization

This is tantamount to developing a website but forgetting to create product/service pages.

An optimized GMB listing helps Google find, crawl, index, and rank your local business.

This plays a central role in helping your business attract high-quality local traffic and build a wide audience base in the areas you serve.

At eigenKOR, we have specialized knowledge, skills, and experience to help you grow your local business with GBP Optimization.

Local web customers can find your business much more easily thanks to Google Business Profile.

You may increase your chances of showing up in the Google 3-Pack by supplying important business details (name, address, phone number, website, business hours, etc.) and optimizing your listing.

The top three search results for a local search are shown in the Google 3-Pack. Why is getting on it important?

Considering that 75.1% of all clicks on Google searches go to the first three results.

Your business’s click-through rate will be much lower if it appears on the second or third page of the results.

In actuality, only 75% of users scroll past the first SERP.

Consider Google My Business to be an essential mission-critical asset for your company. You may quickly increase sales and your audience by improving and optimizing your GBP listing.

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